Group De Cloedt - DC Granulaten

Group De Cloedt owns various concessions in the North Sea off the coast of Denmark. North west of Denmark, opposite the port of Thyboron, dredgers owned by Group De Cloedt dredge gravel banks.

The dredgers subsequently moor at the port of Thyborøn, at the 200m long and 8m deep quay of THYBORØN NORDSØRAL, where they pump ashore or unload their cargo on to the site.

This site of approximately 8 ha is equipped with a state of the art crushing, washing and screening plant with a capacity of 700 tonnes per hour.

The washed and screened materials of various calibres are delivered by road to our local customers, or loaded onto cargo vessels going to Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland... The 5000 tonnes DC Merwestone, owned by Group De Cloedt, is used for this purpose.

This Danish company works in close collaboration with other Group De Cloedt companies, such as N.S.E and Oster Pukk, strengthening our capacity to deliver to our customers in Northern Europe.