Group De Cloedt - DC Granulaten

NORWEGIAN SANDSTONE EXPORT AS exploits a hard stone quarry - consisting of a type of sandstone. Sandstone is used in the asphalt industry, as well as in railway ballast.

Group De Cloedt started up this quarry. It has stone reserves of more than 100 million tonnes, equating to a minimum life expectancy of between 50 and 100 years for the quarry, at an annual exploitation rate of 1.500.000 tons of "Fjordstone" sandstone.

Located in a fjord with access to the North Sea, the quarry, which has a 12m deep water quay, serves local markets, as well as Northern Europe and specialises in off-shore deliveries in the North Sea.

Ships of up to 30.000 tons can be charged there.

Customers can also potentially benefit from the synergy of working with the Oster Pükk Og Sand Company - also owned by Group De Cloedt- notably from the quality and logistics point of view.

Deliveries can be made by bulk carrier vessels owned by Group De Cloedt such as the 5000 tons DC Merwestone of by chartered vessels.