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The dredging and transport company DC DREDGING, is located in Breskens (The Netherlands). Its main sphere of activity encompasses dredging and the production of marine and fluvial aggregates, as well as different types of sand.

Our ships

DC DREDGING owns 6 sea-going Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers: the RIO with a hopper capacity of 2450 m³ , the DC Ostend with a hopper capacity of 2500 m³, the DC Brugge with a hopper capacity of 2450 m³, the DC Vlaanderen 3000 with a capacity of 2600 m³, the Interballast III of 1800 m³ and its latest acquisition the DC Orisant with a hopper capacity of 5450 m³.

The sand and aggregates produced by these 6 vessels are transported to our customers by smaller transportation vessels and barges - namely: Joro, Margaret Ann, RIO 1, RIO IV and charters others. All barges used for inland transportation of aggregates are in accordance with the BRL9313 standards in order to guarantee completely clean materials.

All dredgers are equipped with a pump system for recovering oil spills after shipping accidents in the North sea and are under contract with the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) or with the Dutch government (Rijkwaterstaat).

Our infrastructure

DC DREDGING has long-term concessions in the North Sea and in Dutch rivers . The company delivers KOMO certified aggregates of an impeccable quality.

Thanks to DC DREDGING's own 3m – 8m deep quay and a 2700 square meters depot in Breskens at the river Scheldt estuary, the company has the flexibility to deliver all types of fluvial and marine aggregates to both France and Benelux.

DC DREDGING's young and dynamic team works in close collaboration with the site of Sas van Gent. They both specialise in beach nourishment and shore protection projects throughout Europe. They also benefit from the highly qualified staff and resources available in other Group De Cloedt subsidiaries.

Group De Cloedt is thus growing fast to become one of the largest marine and fluvial aggregates suppliers in Benelux for the construction

In addition DC DREDGING has a 1.5Ha site in Sluiskil (The Netherlands) with a 4m deep quay, where its storage areas and repair shops are located.

DC DREDGING also specialises in the dredging and routing of Scheldt sand and river sand.

DC DREDGING also has some sucking dredgers with disintegration, commonly called cutter, for the exploitation of sand pits.

DC DREDGING has long-term concessions in Belgian and Dutch waters. Ships used for the routing of aggregates are in accordance with the BRL 9313 standard, guaranteeing clean materials.

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