Trans Blueline

Trans Blueline is our own transport company based in Nieuport. The company was founded one year after NHM initially opened for business.

We currently have 11 lorries and experienced personnel delivering orders throughout Flanders and the Norht of France.
Trans Blueline mainly works for the mother-company NHM.

Above that, NHM works closely together with other transport companies at home and abroad.

The lorries have a maximum carrying-capacity of 30 tons. In France this is 26 tons. On every NHM storage yard, bulldozers carefully load the lorries. Next, they are weighed on a gauged weighbridge before departing to the customer.

Contact information:

Tel.: +32 58 22 29 46

To prevent dust from hindering, NHM installed a sprinkle-device behind the weighbridge. If the driver wants to, the load gets a ‘shower’.